You don’t need that.

No, seriously. Save your money. These are two things you’re likely to hear from me when we discuss your company’s marketing strategy. I’ve been doing this for a while. I’ve worked with one-person startups, community groups, and nonprofits. I’ve worked … Read More

But I thought you were a…

… designer. … writer. … coder. … hermit. I get all of these! I often meet clients through other projects, so they only see me as the writer or the designer, the web developer or the social media person that … Read More

The SEO Conversation.

It’s inevitable! I actually don’t want to have this conversation, but there are people out there who are scaring business owners and trying to sell them services that they simply don’t need. A website that is well-written, well-coded, well planned … Read More

The password lecture.

Your mother and I want to talk with you. We saw your password and it’s really not safe. I joke about this because we’re all guilty of it and I get it. Changing your passwords, then remembering them – it’s … Read More

Why you need an SSL certificate.

… even if you don’t take payments on your website. NOTE: Technically, SSL is now TLS (Transport Layer Security), so if you hear someone use that term, they are correct!  As of 2017, I started suggesting (strongly) that all of … Read More