But I thought you were a…

Duckbill Platypus by Sebastien Millon

… designer.

… writer.

… coder.

… hermit.

I get all of these! I often meet clients through other projects, so they only see me as the writer or the designer, the web developer or the social media person that no one has ever met (“Oh! You’re that guy!”) The truth is, I really do all these things. Duckbill platypus, at your service!

An Important Platypus

While I joke about the different hats I wear as The Curio Museum, it’s not as outlandish as it may seem. The only peculiarity, really, is that I’ve spent years developing the technical skills to be able to execute each of these crafts. At the end of the day, it’s all just communication.

Whether you need a logo, branded graphics, written text, website design, or social media outreach, I can work with you on any element of your marketing communications plan including project management and strategy development.

Oh really?

Yup! Prior to launching The Curio Museum in 2015, I spent over a decade working as the head copywriter and part owner of Blackfly Interactive, a high-end design firm that caters to corporate clients. When I was not writing for clients, I worked directly under Blackfly’s creative director as a production assistant and developer. Working under an award winning graphic artist and website developer served as an apprenticeship, allowing me to further develop my design skills while gaining experience in every aspect of the industry.

Because I’ve worked at every level of the process, I am comfortable stepping in and taking on any role, or combination of roles, that you may need. I’ve worked with writers and I’ve been the writer. I’ve worked on teams and I’ve managed teams. I’ve worked with designers, and I’ve been the designer! When I work with a new client, I become a part of their team. In fact, I am often more responsive than many in-house marketing departments (and much more responsive than large design firms) because I never take on a client to whom I cannot give 100%.

Why should I hire the duckbill platypus?

I’m not sure if you should! Truthfully, my skill set is not for everyone. Anyone in marketing who claims that they can give you everything you need before ever having met you is bluffing! (And marketing people who believe in bluffing are terrible human beings.)

The good news is that I am very aware of my limitations as a designer, writer, and developer. Not only will I let you know whether our collaboration should be a successful fit, I will also give you advice on next steps should I find that your situation requires a different skill set.

Artwork: Duckbill Platypus by Sebastien Millon, art print available on Etsy