York Family Psychiatry

branding, website development

Stephen Morley is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner licensed in Maine and New Hampshire. I met Stephen as he was preparing to open his private practice in York, Maine. We worked together to develop his brand, get his online presence up and running, and create a beautiful patient-centered website.

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THE LOGO: With a nod to its seacoast location and the concepts of navigation and guidance, the York Family Psychiatry logo was inspired by nautical charts of the area and the original compass rose in which cardinal directions were based on celestial bodies.

THE WEBSITE: Medical websites should be useful, informative, and above all else, pleasant to use. With beautiful photography from local artist, Chuck Maranhas, the YFP website is visually stunning while being intuitive and easy to use. Patients can quickly access practice information, portal and appointment links without being barraged with marketing popups and review requests,