The Salmon Run 5K

branding, graphic design, marketing

Founded by the Friends of the Rollinsford Public Library (FRPL) in 2013, the Salmon Run 5K was an annual trail and road race held in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. I developed their branding around the town village (Salmon Falls Village) and the Salmon Falls River.

The event was held annually from 2013 through 2019. Each year, I designed the race shirts and handled the screen printing process for the event. I also created custom registration forms and sponsorship packages (to match the specific branding of that year’s event),

The FuRPLe Fun Run

The Funnest Run You’ll Run for Fun! I also helped the Friends develop a fun run to accompany the 5K, creating the tagline and the Purple Furple monster costume (inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are). I also got to be the Furple for the first few years of the race! I created all of the graphics for the fun run as well as a full-color sponsor poster to be displayed both at the race and year-round at the town library. Each year’s poster would tell a story of monsters at work, while perfectly integrating the fun run sponsors.

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