Rollinsford Water & Sewer District

Municipal website development – small scale project

Not everyone needs a brand new website! In this case, the Rollinsford Water & Sewer District had already built themselves an out-of-the-box WordPress blog. They were using a featured blog entry as a sort of home page and were hoping to improve the website to better serve their members. They were looking for:

  • a more professional look overall
  • a clean, easy-to-navigate interface
  • a clear rate page
  • easy-to-find hours and contact information
  • a more organized news feed
  • and a convenient link to their online billing service

With some restructuring, a few software upgrades, and custom stylesheets, we were able to make the site cheerful, easy-to-use, and much more functional at a fraction of the cost of a new website! This is not always possible, depending on the age and complexity of the site, but it’s something I will always consider for clients who only need a small site to get by.

Before, the site was bare and opened up to a blog post which served as the home page. Now, users have direct access to news items, rate information, contact information, a search feature, the online payment interface, and accessibility tools right at their fingertips.