Nashua Riverfront Dentistry

logo & brand development, print & signage

Nashua Riverfront Dentistry is a family dentist located in Nashua, New Hampshire. I worked with them to create a bold, graphic logo based on their location, specifically the 1920s architecture at and around their office.

This project had two rounds of designs. The initial set of designs were a sweet, clean representation of their corner of the Nashua River, combining their location (the historic Telegraph building) with the main view from their office – specifically Main Street Bridge and Gate City Church.

The second set of designs were slightly more intricate, zooming in on the Telegraph building (now showing the dentil molding along the top of the building) and including an art deco lamppost. The final logo features deep, earthy shades of purple that compliment the art deco elements within the design. I love both concepts, so I’m including both in my portfolio!

Initial Concept Booklet
Final Branding Package