Harborside Bath & Body

Website development – e-commerce

Harborside Bath & Body is an artisanal, luxury bath and body shop located in the coastal town of Rogers City, Michigan. All of their bath, body, and beauty products are 100% natural, handmade, and locally sourced.

In 2020, while the storefront was still being built, the owner and I worked side by side to create a website that would reflect the gorgeous collection of products that they had curated for their shop! Extraordinary attention to detail went into this site, carrying the Harborside brand throughout while still showcasing the beauty of each product that they sell.

UPDATE: In 2023, Harborside began the process of restructuring their business model. I worked with them to determine their best course of action going forward, researching different interfaces and technical services that would help them achieve their goals. In the end I recommended that they change their POS system and go with a Shopify specialist to develop a new website.

While I can absolutely create a Shopify site, I knew that having a specialist with years of experience handling the integrations to sell on social media, creating rewards and subscriptions, and integrating in-store and online POS systems to synch inventory would enable the owner to get up and running as quickly as possible, which is essential for a small business. Your needs are more important than my paycheck. I will always help you find the solution you need.

Harborside Bath and Body continues to be one of my favorite sources for beauty products and I still help them whenever they have a design request or technical question!